Cloud Consulting and Software Development Services

We focus on modern public cloud technologies by developing new solutions and by modernizing existing systems.

Our portfolio consists of services designed based on feedback from our clients and our extensive experience in the IT industry.

Public Cloud Specialists

We offer a full range of services and projects for clients looking for a reliable technology partner.

Our expertise covers a wide range of legacy and modern IT technologies all the way from old mainframes and Unix systems, physical and virtualized Linux and Windows servers, storage and network solutions to public clouds.

We are specializing on AWS and Azure cloud services as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace collaboration solutions.


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We can help you create hybrid solutions or migrate your existing workloads to the cloud.

If your application stack needs modernization, we’ve got you covered. We have experience in various legacy and modern stacks and frameworks as well as numerous proprietary and open source database servers.

Our projects are professionally managed and are quoted individually according to your requirements.


Cloud Advisory And Consulting

Not sure what it takes to start using public cloud services?

Our advisory and consulting services are able to help you to make educated decisions at any stage of your cloud journey.

We can help you to create a professional cloud strategy and execution plan.

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Cloud Software Development

Modern software development projects are typically based on cloud-native technologies.

Public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform with their numerous Software-as-a-Service solutions gives us the ability to prototype and develop new serverless applications very rapidly.

Contact us and lets discuss your project requirements in detail.

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Cloud Migration Projects

Our professional IT services help customers to modernize their IT infrastructure and business applications. We have experience in legacy IT, networks, security, databases, applications as well as modern cloud services.

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Cloud Operations Services

Let us take care of your servers and cloud operations management including setup, monitoring, alerting and problem solving.

Our operations outsourcing team is experienced with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and many more.

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