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Cloud Migration Services

Our professional cloud migration services help customers to modernize their IT infrastructure and business applications and move them to Azure or AWS.
Cloud Migration Projects

Cloud Migration Projects

Our professional cloud team helps customers to modernize their IT infrastructure and business applications. We have experience in legacy IT, networks, security, databases, applications as well as modern cloud services.

We can help you define a migration strategy based on your requirements. The migration of your existing workloads to AWS and Azure can be done for example by “lift & shift” methodology. Another useful method is refactoring where we can for example migrate your databases to database-as-a-service solution and convert your application to use a PaaS solution.


Migrating to public cloud

There are many reasons to consider migrating your on-premise workloads to a public cloud. You might for example have hardware which is nearing end of life and you don’t want to invest in legacy on-premise hardware technologies.

Many clients are using 3rd party datacenter companies to provide hosting services. These providers typically cannot provide the scalability and stability required by many business applications.

Moving your workloads to public cloud solves many issues you may have with on-premise hosting or virtual hosting providers.

Migrate to Amazon AWS

AWS is a very typical target for new cloud native software development. It’s popularity for existing enterprise workload migrations is rising as business application owners and IT departments are working more closely together.

Migrate to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has always been very close to client’s IT departments due to the popularity of Windows Server and Windows desktop operating system products. Azure is natural choice for migrations when the IT department is making decisions. Microsoft Azure has been gaining popularity also on new application developments due to their investment in collaborative development tools such as Azure DevOps and Github.

Arctian is specializing in both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. All our cloud engineers and developers are certified on AWS or Azure, or both.


Our approach:

  • Assess current applications, infrastructure and architecture
  • Design and architect new public cloud environment
  • Migrate virtual machines, databases and applications to public cloud
  • Modernize existing applications and move them to public cloud

Example project descriptions:

  • Migrate ERP system to AWS or Azure
  • Migrate database from on-premise SQL server to Database-as-a-Server solution on public cloud
  • Migrate a Linux HPC cluster from hosted environment to public cloud
  • Migrate a website from a hosted WordPress environment to AWS/Azure
  • Migrate a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) cluster from VMWare to Microsoft Azure and convert from enterprise Linux subscription to Pay-as-you-go RHEL subscription.


Next steps

Once you are ready to move to public cloud, you may be also interested our other offerings:

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