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Case: Digital Superheroes Academy

Baan Dek Foundation (BDF), an MIT SOLVE AWARD winner, has always been about supporting children from disadvantaged communities having access to education, health and safety services. To support their endeavors, they approached Iglu with the task of making their life skill teaching systems available to affordable and donated mobile phones.

Children studying in a group

We recognized early on that while technology is a strong enabler of the goals, that most of the financing should go to supporting the children in-person and giving them access to the learning tools. When a class is not running, we did not want Baan Dek Foundation to waste money on running infrastructure.

We did want children to be able to use the system spontaneously when they borrowed a device to learn from home. We also wanted to minimize fixed costs of maintenance, running databases and servers when they are not used.

Child studying using a tablet computer

Serverless solution

The solution was to create a mobile app for digital superheroes academy that can run on Android phones and a fully AWS managed serverless solution. When students are asleep, the databases and backend servers are neither running nor paid for.

When any part of the infrastructure is dysfunctional, it is automatically replaced and the workload is transparently transferred to a working backend. And during development cycles, only the hours the developer is testing is there any invoice for the infrastructure.

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