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Migrating Linux to Microsoft Azure

This book is a good read for cloud architects, solution providers, project managers and others dealing with migration of Linux workloads to Azure.

The book uses a blend of theoretical explanations and hands-on examples to help you prepare for real-world migrations.




Chapter list:

  1. Linux: History and future in the cloud
  2. Understanding Linux distributions
  3. Assessment and migration planning
  4. Performing migration to Azure
  5. Operating Linux on Azure
  6. Troubleshooting and problem solving


Quote from the book:

“With cloud adoption at the core of digital transformation for organizations, there has
been a lot of demand to deploy and host enterprise business workloads in the cloud.
Migrating Linux to Microsoft Azure offers a series of actionable insights into deploying
Linux workloads to Azure.

You will begin by learning about the history of IT, operating systems, Unix, Linux, and
Windows, before moving on to look at the cloud and what things were like before
virtualization. This will enable those not very familiar with Linux to learn the terms
required to grasp the upcoming chapters. Furthermore, you will explore popular Linux
distributions including RHEL 7, RHEL 8, SLES, Ubuntu Pro, CentOS 7, and more.
As you progress, you will dive into the technical details of Linux workloads such as
LAMP, Java, and SAP. You will learn how to assess your current environment and plan
migrating to Azure through cloud governance and operations planning.
Finally, you will go through the execution of a real migration project and learn how to
analyze, debug, and recover from some common problems that Linux on Azure users
have encountered.

By the end of Linux book, you will be proficient in performing the effective migration of
Linux workloads to Azure for your organization.”

ISBN: 978-1-80107-172-7
Published by Packt Publishing Ltd

This book was co-authored by Toni Willberg from Arctian, together with his former Microsoft colleague Rithin Skaria.

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