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Case: Sales Configurator Tool

A client of ours in Europe has a catalog of industrial furniture such as workbenches. Many of these furniture come with power outlets for computers and other electrical appliances.

Helping product sales

Because each client has different needs and the furniture is sized per client’s requirements, the size of the power distribution units also need to be customized.

The client was in need to have a graphical sales tool which could be used to design and configure power distribution units shipped with their workbench products. The configurator tool is used by their channel sales; internal sales staff and distributors around the world.

This configurator needed to support electricity standards in multiple geographical regions. It also needed to have language support for all target countries.

Creating the solution

Arctian’s software development team created a graphical sales configurator tool using modern web application technologies which helps the sales staff to design power distribution units and calculate their prices.

The configurator tool comes with a modern graphical interface and it stores the power distribution unit designs in a central database. The product configurations database saves time as the designs are reusable.

As an output the configurator provides a sales quotation which can be sent to the customer. The customer also gets a visual design of the configuration, making it easy for them to verify the order.

Technologies used

In this project we used modern web technologies including React, Typescript, NodeJS and more, all running on Linux operating system and using PostgreSQL as a database.

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